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Basic Layout

A home off-grid solar system is made up of solar panels, a charge controller, a 12-volt Battery, an inverter DC to AC, and wiring. Even during cloudy rainy days solar panels still produce power.

Off-grid solar energy is safe because it operates on low voltage, only 12-volts.

Off-grid solar energy does not connect to your public electric service.
Relying on the battery bank, a solar energy system can provide electricity 24x7, even when the public electric service goes out your electricity stays on.

12-volt Battery Bank

You can add batteries to your battery bank at any time to increase your off-grid power supply during night time hours.

Charge Controller

Charge Controller is the ideal solution for preventing overcharging of your 12 volt batteries and protecting your solar panels

12-volt DC to 120-AC Inverter

12-volt DC to 120-AC Inverter provides electricity for lighting, computers, televisions, power tools, gaming consoles, home electronics, water pump motor, fans, motorhome, and appliances, you will never be left without power even during public electric outages.