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(300-watt) Off-Grid Solar Kit

300-watt Complete Solar Power Kit 12V, Off-Grid (DIY) Installation., Includes everything you need to set-up a home or business off-grid solar energy system, Expandable. (Includes) Complete Step by Step Manual with Pictures and Diagrams.

This Kit Includes: (3) 100-watt solar panels, (1) 30-amp charge controller, (1) 1000-watt inverter pure sine wave, (1) 300-feet of 12/2 stranded wire, (1) pack of 10-male & 10-female quick connect connectors, (3) 10/pack of 1/4" hole wire crimp connector, (1) 10/pack of 5/16" hole wire crimp connector, (1) 2/pack 4-awg 5/16 hole battery cable connector to inverter, (1) 10-ft black battery cable 4-awg, (1) 10-ft red battery cable 4-awg, (4) lead battery terminals. (1) junction box.  (What's not Included) 12-volt deep cycle batteries (2) which can be purchased at your local Marine or Battery Store and an Auto parts store.

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